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The Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway

Spend a day on the Northern, Rio Grande, or Southern Route of the The Geronimo Trail Scenic Byway.


"The Byway is named for Geronimo, a famous Apache warrior. He was born Goyakla, meaning ‘one who yawns,’ in the 1820s near the headwaters of the Gila River. This would be in the Gila Wilderness area of Southwestern New Mexico today" (Geronimo Trail Scenic Byway).

The Northern Route travels through the towns and villages of Winston, Cuchillo, Chloride, and Monticello .

Explore the Rio Grande Route, which takes you through Elephant Butte. Enjoy a day of fishing, swimming, and water sports at New Mexico's largest and most popular lake.  The busiest times to visit the Butte are Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

Travel the Southern, Black Range, Route through Hillsboro, Lake Valley, Kingston, Emory Pass, and San Lorenzo. 

You can find more information about each of the three routes and the areas they pass through by visiting the Geronimo Trail website below. 

Geronimo Map.JPG
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